• #10: Kenny Powers Full Atlanta Uniform

    #10: Kenny Powers Full Atlanta Uniform

    We start the Top 10 Best with this complete Kenny Powers costume. We’re loving this incredibly detailed Halloween outfit from KP jersey to Kenny Powers wig and sunglasses. Even accurate right down to the middle fingers!...   READ MORE

  • #9: Kenny Powers Charros Costume

    #9: Kenny Powers Charros Costume

    It’s the Kenny Powers Charros costume. This awesome Halloween costume features the officially licensed Eastbound & Down Kenny Powers Charros jersey shirt and green and yellow C baseball cap....   READ MORE

  • #8: Kenny Powers With Foam Middle Finger

    #8: Kenny Powers With Foam Middle Finger

    We’re not sure if the guy on the left is supposed to be The Geico Caveman or a busted Clegg from Eastbound & Down, but we’re 100% sure the guy on the right is sporting a pretty sweet Kenny Powers costume, complete with giant #1 “You’re F***ing Out!” foam middle finger and all!...   READ MORE

  • #7: Kenny Powers All-Black Outfit

    #7: Kenny Powers All-Black Outfit

    Here it is: The Kenny Powers all-black outfit, made famous during the Eastbound & Down ecstasy dance scene. This costume is complete with Kenny Powers accessories, including mullet wig, sunglasses, black shirt, black pants, necklace and signature belt buckle. Unbelievable....   READ MORE

  • #6: Kenny Powers Girl Costume

    #6: Kenny Powers Girl Costume

    It’s not very often you see a girl dressed as Kenny Powers, but this one pulls it off nicely. She’s nailed everything from the Kenny Powers jersey, to the sunglasses, and even goatee! Sexy Powers?...   READ MORE

  • #5: Kenny Powers Sunglasses Tanlines

    #5: Kenny Powers Sunglasses Tanlines

    Straight from the Eastbound & Down poster, it’s a great Halloween costume featuring the infamous Kenny Powers sunglasses tan-lines!...   READ MORE

  • #4: Ashley Schaeffer Costume

    #4: Ashley Schaeffer Costume

    Behold, Ashley Schaeffer, Clegg and Kenny Powers in full costumes and wigs downing beers at a Halloween Party. Easily the best group Eastbound and Down costumes we’ve seen!...   READ MORE

  • #3: Baby In Kenny Powers Kids Costume

    #3: Baby In Kenny Powers Kids Costume

    Toddler In A Kids Version of the famous Kenny Powers costume...   READ MORE

  • #2: Kenny Powers Costumed Fan Caught In Phillies Crowd

    #2: Kenny Powers Costumed Fan Caught In Phillies Crowd

    Kenny Powers is World Series bound… well, at least this fan dressed in a perfect Kenny Powers costume. Spotted on TBS down the third base line at the 2009 National League Championship Series game featuring the Philadelphia Phillies and Los Angeles Dodgers. Even more impressive than the Kenny Powers wig, Atlanta jersey and Oakley sunglasses [...]...   READ MORE

  • #1: Marilyn Manson Dressing As Kenny Powers

    #1: Marilyn Manson Dressing As Kenny Powers

    Rounding out our top 10 countdown is a celeb at #1. Yes, that’s really Marilyn Manson dressed in the ultimate Kenny Powers costume!...   READ MORE